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Major Lazer – Original Don

Major Lazer – Original Don

Diplo has firmly established himself as both a fantastic DJ and a capable record producer, and his side project Major Lazer debuted on the scene with an explosive first album (‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do’) that covered trap, dubstep, trance, deep house and had a lot of potential as a dub/reggae record. All in all, Major Lazer’s second album ‘Free the Universe’, in my opinion, tops the first with fantastic tracks such as Original Don (only on the special edition – it was released as a single/EP beforehand). I would also recommend ‘Get Free’ and ‘Jah No Partial’. Major Lazer are also one of the best performers I have ever encountered – I saw them last month in a tiny venue here in Oxford, and they put on a fantastic show.

Definitely a band well worth checking out.



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